A Happy and Sustainable Christmas Article by Elaine Reeves

I was very surprised (and chuffed!) to find a picture of the boys and I in Tuesday’s edition of ‘The Mercury’, and a write up by Elaine Reeves about my book, ‘Keeping your own free range pigs‘. The article was about frugal and sustainable gift giving this christmas.

Elaine writes:

It is probably is a combination of my age and the times – the quickly converging prospects of living on a fixed income and a world economy in extreme decrepitude – that is casting a frugal glow on my Christmas.

Not that the season will be without conviviality, gifts and partying but the impetus definitely is away from fripperies. Gifts of food fit the scheme – an extra special bottle of olive oil or wine, a Christmas cake or curry paste you have made yourself.

I’d be delighted to get anything on her list of possible gifts – her suggestions included fresh produce boxes, and a local rent-a-cherry tree scheme which allows you to choose a tree and harvest your own crop (about 10kgs of delicious cherries – yum!).

Also mentioned are two books that are definitely going on my wishlist – The Feast Nearby, by Robin Mather, and Housewife Superstar, a biography by Danielle Wood about Tasmanian domestic goddess Marjorie Bligh. Elaine’s summaries of these books sounds like they are celebrations of living within your means in style, and about facing life’s challenges in an inventive and unexpected way. I have a feeling there will be a massive waiting list for both at the library…

Here’s what Elaine wrote in relation to my book:

The old epigram goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a night, teach him how to fish and you feed him forever.

Provide your own ham and prosciutto next Christmas by buying a piglet this year – and a copy of Jen Owen’s book Keeping Your Own Free-range Pigs. Long-time readers will remember several stories on Jen, including how, after 16 years as a vegetarian, she became a meat eater – but only of meat she had raised herself.

Now Hyland House Publishing has published her guide as to how to select a pig, house and feed it, mate it, take it to the abattoir and cook it. It is available at different prices but buying it directly at http://www.jenowens.com.au/keeping-your-own-free-range-pigs/ costs $24.95.

Thankyou Elaine!

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