I borrowed a book from the library that had a bundle of facts about chooks and eggs  that I’ve never been aware of, including:

  • You can determine how productive yellow skinned breeds of chooks are by the colour of parts of their skin. Their skins appear ‘bleached’ by egg production, and it’s in a specific order. For example if your hen has laid about 8-12 eggs her earlobes will be pale. When she gets to 35 eggs the skin around her beak loses its yellow-ness.
  • Eggs age more in one day when left out at room temperature than they do for a week in the fridge (but they do look so nice out on the bench in a bowl!).
  • The only essential nutrient not found in an egg is Vitamin C.
  • You can determine if your laying hen is lazy or not by the size of their wattle and combs- larger is better if you want to get a steady supply of eggs.
The book is called The Essential Guide to Self Sufficiency, edited by Carleen Madigan (Published by Timberpress, London).
I can’t wait to explore the gardening section of the book for new ideas to try out!

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