Two of our new bourban Red turkeys

Our 3 new Bourban Red Turkeys arrived yesterday afternoon – after a whistlestop journey from Duetschers Turkey Farm in Dadswells Bridge, Victoria. They were transported by a very nice gentleman called Justin, whose business it is to move poultry across the country – this time he had loaded up a ute-load full of birds for enthusiasts in Tasmania.

In less than 48 hours our turkeys’ left Daryl Duetschers care, travelled to the Spirit of Tasmania, cruised across the Bass Strait, and then a four hour trip south to us.

So far they seem unfazed by their change in circumstances, happily guzzling feed and water and exploring their new surroundings. They are beautiful birds – they have an real elegance about them. I expected them to be a strong chestnut colour with white points, but they are a soft strawberry blonde colour – I asked Justin about this and he thinks they’ll get darker as they age.

I may not be able to afford a cruise this year, but my Turkey's have enjoyed one at least....

Naming them is the biggest issue we face so far – current favourite with my Mum and my kids is Miranda, Stevie and Gary (character names from Miranda Hart’s TV show),  while I’m leaning towards Constantinople, Istanbul, and Byzantium (for their links to the country of Turkey). I’m guessing my choices will prove too much of a mouthful….

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