Blueberry Bush at Margate, Tasmania

This weekend our local blueberry farm opened its gates to anyone keen enough to pick the last of the season’s blueberries. You had to be keen due to the fairly constant drizzle and cool conditions, but we found it more than worth it as the bushes were heavily laden with the sweetest, most delicious blueberries I’ve ever tasted.

In just over an hour, the 2 eight year olds and I managed to pick 5.2 kilos. I was surprised how easy they were to pick – I had thought it would be similar to picking blackberries where you pick each individual fruit, but with these blueberries there was almost always a  bunch (similar to grapes) at the end of each stalk that you could wrap your hand around and gently persuade a handful of fruit to fall into your hand.

The only downside I found to this method was whilst grabbing a particular large bunch I managed to entangle a European wasp inside my fist. The wasp was not amused and bit me on my middle finger – YOOWCHH! My goodness it hurt – and even more the next day when my hand blew up (not literally – it’s just very hot and swollen).

Just starting to swell....

A return trip to pick more berries the next day was cancelled unfortunately due to my puffy right hand, though we did drive up to collect some frozen second grade berries to complete our goal of  10kgs of berries stored in the freezer.

The cost of our berries was $4.50 per 500grams – cheaper than the $5 per 500grams I have paid in the past for berries from the supermarket, and I have the satisfaction of knowing they travelled just a few kilometres from the bush to our place, rather than halfway around the world.

An added bonus will be that the lads will have something to giggle about anytime I make them a blueberry treat, as they remember their crazy mother hopping in between the blueberry bushes, jumping up and down trying to dislodge the wasp, desperately trying not to holler out every known expletive in her repertoire of crude language. (NOTE: I didn’t not swear but I certainly wanted to!)

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