whodunnit - Scruffy (the dog) and Edward (the Rooster) - are they in it together?

After running our fabulous new incubator twice with great success we’ve now had our first abysmal failure. Not a single egged hatched – although one semi exploded and oozed stinky egg stuff (yick). It’s not because Edward the Rooster has failed to get romantic with the girls or is shooting blanks. It’s not because the temperature or humidity were set incorrectly, or that the eggs weren’t fresh enough.

No, it’s all down to the fact that someone (or something) dislodged the power plug for the automatic turner….

I’m thinking the dog may be the likely culprit (Mental Note: put the machine up out of the reach of our little malteze shitzu next time) but his eyes are pleading innocence. Next on the list of possible suspects are the kids but they reckon they’ve not been near it. Worst case scenario it was me – but I’m not going there….

ah well…. time to pack up the machine and call it quits until next year….

NOTE: After writing the above I went out to switch off the the incubator only to find an egg pipping, and a chick hatched shortly after. I take it all back…

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