The blue blanket, with dark blue polar fleece

Occasionally I get enthusiastic about creating quilts for my young ‘uns. They love the look of them, but I’ve found the cotton backings I’ve used don’t quite have enough snuggle-i-ness to make them the ideal winter blanket for a child. I think I’ve found the answer: polar fleece…

The kids love these blankets I made using their favourite colour schemes – blue/green and pink/purple. I raided my stash and created the tops of the quilts over a few afternoons as I only used simple square shapes. My local mega-haberdashery store (aka Spotlight) had polar fleece on special for $3.99 (bargain!). I bought 2.2ms for each blanket to back them – more than enough to create a very generous cover for single beds.

Pink and purple quilt, with fuschia polar-fleece

I had imagined they’d fit over their doona’s on their bunkbeds – but they love the feel against their skin so much they put them under the doonas like a top sheet – a bit of a shame as you can’t see them any more!

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