The parents of our Silver Laced Wyandottes

Our latest additions to our poultry menagerie are 8 Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks. I bought them at about 1 week old, and they’ve settled into our brooder nicely with a mixed assortment of a dozen chicks that hatched last Wednesday from our incubator. I’m really excited about getting this breed – I think they’re beautiful bird with their black and white laced feathers, and I hope they’ll do well on our little suburban farm as a second dual-purpose breed.

Wyandottes originated in the US, and there’s a range of colours. Here in Tasmania there’s a breeder who keeps 28 colours, and photos can be seen here on his website.

Hens are supposed to lay in the range of 200-240 eggs a year, and can make good mothers if they become broody. Cockerals weigh up to 3.2kgs, which is a reasonably good weight if their final destination is going to be in your oven.

There’s a Wyandotte Club of Australia whose website has breeder profiles and more.

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