This weekend saw me engaging in two activities I’d rather avoid. That is, being up a precarious ladder (I don’t much like heights), and hand sewing – give me a sewing machine and two feet on the ground and I’m a much happier girl.

The reason I found myself doing both simultaneously was due to putting the final touches on the new netted Turkey pen – two pieces of netting needed to be sewn together to stop birds getting in or out of the gaps.

The pen, which is to have a sign about the gate, ‘Ankara’, (The Capital of Turkey) is going to be like a 5 star hotel for these beautiful birds.

It is constructed of corrugated tin to about 60cm high, then 1 inch aviary mesh wire to about 6 ft hight, then netted over the top with industrial orchardists netting. I reckon it must be about 10 ft tall at its highest point in the middle, and about 8 x 6 m big.

The only problem (or should I say challenge) I now face is getting some turkeys to go in it – I had hoped to get some Bourban Reds but that seems impossible in Tasmania, and I’ve had no luck with any other breed either. I had 2 dozen fertile eggs sent from the mainland, but they’re not looking like they’re going to hatch successfully. Shipping live birds from mainland Australia is very pricey I think, so it may be that ‘Ankara’ may yet have to wait to be the capital of Turkey, and may instead become a very fine enclosure for chooks for a while.

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