My old bath on it's timber stand being prepared for wormy inhabitants

I’ve been meaning to create a new worm farm for ages… I finally got around to it a few weekends ago and as I write this my 1000+ red wiggler worm friends are enjoying a very spoilt life in a recycled bath tub.

The bath had previously served as a spouting tub for barley for the pigs, and had had a timber frame built around it to elevate it from the ground so a bucket could be placed under it to drain excess fluid – perfect for a wormery too!

I bought a couple of buckets of coarse gravel which were put in the bottom to allow for drainage (so the worms didn’t accidentally drown), upon which I placed a layer of heavy duty shade-cloth I had found in the shed (to stop worms disappearing down into the gravel).

Coir and old cardboard boxes soaking in water before being used in the worm farm as bedding

I soaked two blocks of coir in water for bedding material, as well as a bunch of pre-soaked hand shredded cardboard and paper. Then I placed my purchased worms on top. I didn’t have enough in my other two worm farms to transfer yet which is a shame as it would have been preferable to paying for more.

After letting them bury themselves downward for a few minutes I placed a damp towel (wet, and then wrung out by hand) over the top to keep everything dark and moist. The final job was to set up a temporary lid – in this case some galvanized tin sheeting. The next time I’m stuck for something to do I’ll make a proper hinged lid to snazzy it up.

I’ve been feeding them green goop creations from my food processor to get them started- oats, cruched eggs shells, silverbeet and other greens.

The worms placed in their new bath home, on top of the bedding layers

So I now have three worm farms working – to produce wonderful worm compost, and potentially to act as a home-grown source of protein for my turkeys and chickens. I don’t know why but I’m a little bit squeamish about feeding worms to my birds – so time will tell if that’s their eventual fate or not…

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