Recyled denim makes great pencil cases for kids - soft and long wearing. My kids love showing off their unique cases at school - they get to choose how I embellish them so they're proud of the end result they've designed.

Old denim has a real charm about it – although it can look pretty shabby if you’re wearing a pair of jeans so worn that the crotch, the knees and the hems are all collapsing into themselves. My favourite way to make use of denim jeans that are beyond patching is to make pencil cases from them.

I use the outside leg seam to form the base of the case, and cut fabric to size around this seam. I then decorate as appropriate for the child or adult who will be given it – with buttons, embroidery, sewn on ribbons etc. I then sew in a zipper. I buy bulk zipper packs in navy blue so I have a few at hand, though if I was being a bit more thrifty I’m sure I could recycle zippers found on 2nd hand clothing.

It’s a good present idea – quick and easy to make and something that can be made very personal. Worth thinking about now as the new school year is just around the corner… yikes!

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