Our incubator - renamed R2-D2

Our fancy new incubator has been renamed R2-D2, and has taken over my sewing table in the lounge room. I’d had it neatly tucked away in the laundry, but when I used my clothes dryer after a string of rainy days, the humidity reading jumped too high (over 50%) – so I decided it would be safer to keep in an area less likely to experience fluctuations in moisture and heat.

It makes reassuring clicking noises every now and again as it rocks back and forwards, and I like that we can see the digital display and keep and eye on it – though I would like the table back soon for a pre-christmas sewing project I have in mind.

Our hatch date is only a week away – it will be interesting to see what hatch rate we achieve with this new machine – it holds less than our last one, the Hovabator, which held 42 eggs, versus 24 in  our new R-com King Suro. I chose to purchase it as it offers more flexibility with egg size whilst still being automatic – I’m hoping to have turkey eggs to put in it next year so that will be a really useful feature, and I like that I don’t have to remember to turn eggs manually as I have a tendency to get sidetracked and forget such things….

I’ve only candled four of the eggs – all were fertile, including one of the 1/2 dozen araucana eggs (yippee!). I’ll candle them all on day 19 when I reprogram R2-D2 to increase the humidity rate, and take it out of the rocking device. That way I can discard any infertile eggs, and leave the rest in the incubator untouched for the last few days before hatching.

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