Pumpkin and basil in polystyrene planter boxes

I know they’re not the prettiest thing to look at but polystyrene planters have proved to be really useful this season.

When we moved house I was able to easily pick up my lilies, which were about 40cm high at the time, and transport them to a prime position on our new deck. As I sit writing this, I can look out my window and see them flowering beautifully – bright yellow and cheery. When winter comes I’ll move the bulbs into the garden.

I also have basil, and two pumpkin plants out there in my makeshift polystyrene boxes. The basil I’m confident will provide for lots of pesto-delishousness in the coming weeks. The pumpkin I’m less confident about as it’s a bit of an experiment – I thought it’d be great if it worked as I have visions of the plants creating a sprawling line of pumpkins and greenery around the edge of the deck.

lilies on the deck - just about to flower

My main concern is keeping the nutrient hungry plants happy in their confined space. I’m planning to add some sheep poo, and I’ve already been watering them with the tea from my worm farm.  I have pumpkins in the garden but they don’t look as happy as those on the deck, so it’s looking good so far.

I like the fact I’m recycling the polystyrene boxes – I got them from the local green grocers for 50c each, though I’m sure you could get them for free. They have a range of potential uses, and they’re great as they take up so little room – I have plans to extend my worm farming by using them as a cool insulated space for composting worms, and broken up bits of the polystyrene are good for putting in the bottom of pots that need to have their drainage improved.

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