I enjoy  making  oat-based porridgy concoctions – there’s is something very satisfying about preparing them. It’s a great warm, sustaining food, to be incorporated into the pigs and chooks diets as the weather gets cooler.
This springtime it’s the chooks who are exclusively enjoying the porridge as I try to encourage them to lay an abundance of fertile eggs that will go under broodie hens and into the incubator over the coming weeks..
I usually keep a 25 kilo bag of roughly rolled oats by the backdoor (or if I’ve run out I grap some oatmeal from the pantry), and I fill a large stainless steel bowl half-full before pouring a kettle full of boiling hot water over it. I put a plate over it and leave for a few hours, before adding any extras.
Extra goodies have included: chopped garlic, powdered milk, seaweed meal (for trace minerals and vitamins), polenta, linseed, sunflower seeds, even some left over yoghurt. Plus the occasional extra special treat like stale cake and bread, crumbled up into bite size portions.
If I’ve timed it well the bowl is still warm when it’s brought out for a late afternoon tea…. in winter it’s a great way to warm both the pigs bellies and my hands.

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