Pig Pass AustraliaI received the following email just before Christmas and thought it would be worth sharing if anyone has any queries and questions about Pig Pass.

To be honest it’s not something I’d come across whilst we raised our pigs (alas we have moved on to suburban lawns rather than rural pastures so my pigs moved on to new homes), though we did have a PIC Number and my understanding was that there was a state based tracking system and I recall we were audited on the farm one day by an unexpected but friendly inspector (we passed!).

Hello Jen,

My name is Laura and I work for Australian Pork Limited, and more specifically with PigPass which is the traceability system for pigs in Australia.
I stumbled across your fantastic blog whist doing some research for a current project. It is wonderful that you are a source of information for all people willing to take up the rewarding pursuit of keeping a few backyard pigs.
I am however concerned that there is not a traceability message or reminder in the excellent information currently provided to your readers. As I am sure you are already aware anyone who is moving or keeping a pig in Australia must register with PigPass, have a valid property Identification code (PIC) and have a tattoo/brand number for their pigs, a PigPass NVD is an import document and system to be a part of, as it is the pig industry’s primary line of defence should an exotic disease such as Foot-and-Mouth or Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus ever enter into Australia.  To move pigs in all states is illegal without a PigPass NVD or a state document, and without adequate identification on the pig. If pig keepers are caught out they could face fines of several thousand dollars depending on the state. It would be wonderful if you could please keep this in mind for all would be pig keeps who may not understand state laws regarding the movement and indemnification of pigs in Australia.

If you have any further information about this please contact the PigPass helpdesk on 1800 458 001 or visit www.pigpass.com.au or contact me on the information bellow.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Kind Regards


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