Autumn leaves - stunning colours throughout our garden

I’ve not posted anything here for a few weeks – a result of being on another cycle of IVF hormones which seem leave me feeling more lethargic and scattier than normal. I’m not sure of the result of this round yet – my fingers are crossed, but after multiple attempts I must be honest and say my hope is diminishing quickly. Luckily I have two wonderful sons already who astound me every day with their creativity and love. They are rather fabulous (in my totally biased opinion!).

So this is a brief summary of what I have actually managed to accomplish, or at leasted started on, on our little suburban farm in the last few weeks:

  • It’s autumn and the large maple tree behind our home has been shedding masses of leaves – they’ve been raked up and put into the new 30cm raised garden beds which will be our new strawberry beds.
  • Planted more garlic, peas, autumn lettuces.
  • Ordered my bare rooted fruit and nut trees from Woodbridge Fruit Trees – including hazelnuts, an almond, an apple, 2 x pears, an apricot, plus green gage and victoria plums
  • Marked out where new trees will be planted – next to dig and compost the holes.
  • Moved male chooks into the ‘Green  Mile’ a yard for their final month before they’re killed.
  • The Silver Laced Wyandottes are  now in a chicken tractor so they’re on fresh grass each day, as are the Araucana’s.
  • Managed to get bitten by a wasp (again!!!)… this time on my right arm between my elbow and shoulder – as I type this my arm feels like it’s got one of those blow up thingos they put on your upper arm to measure your blood pressure – except it feels hot and itchy at the same time!
  • Have collected out first Japanese Quail which we will raise for eggs if all goes well.
  • I’m sure there’s other stuff but I can’t recall right now…. lots of mid-afternoon naps, dinner in front of the woodfire with the lads, good times with friends, inspiring books… oh, and I’ve been learning to knit (made a scarf and a blanket so far….)

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