A kid-friendly recycled door finished this project nicely

I’m so delighted with how our turkey pen has turned out, and it seems the turkeys are too. I’ve observed them  looking very contented whilst perching on the wooden dowel we put about 5 ft high in the middle of the pen.

Gary, Miranda and Stevie (aka our trio of  Bourbon Red Turkeys) have grown so much in the month we’ve had them that they can quite easily peer over the corrugated sheet metal fence section of their pen whilst standing. As well as growing rapidly they’ve significantly changed colour, developing darker russet shades in their feathering, and the differences between the male and two females have become obvious. My lads are really enjoying having them here – they’re chatty birds, friendly and humorous.

Our Bourbon Red Turkeys - approx 10 weeks old

The bottom section of the fence is the tin that was removed from our house when we needed a new roof – it’s been a great way to recycle it, and I still have enough to make a pig pen if I get some slips next spring.

The turkeys have heaps of room to play and get up to mischief inside their netted pen

The netting is designed to keep the turkeys in, rather than predators out, which is kind of ironic given how much energy I’ve been putting into protecting the chooks from air-born attack lately.

I was very glad I did  cover their pen though when I saw Gary the Gobbler perched on the top of a door frame – it’s amazing how high these birds will go. I guess it’s a great protective measure at night, but it would be risky if they ended up outside of their pen during the day as there are dogs about that would could finish them off quickly. I hope when they are fully grown that I can let them out during the day to graze, and then put them in at night. In the meantime they have plenty of space in their pen to wander and have turkey adventures.


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