Nut free bliss balls

My kids attend a school where there is a nut free rule due to student allergies.  I have been determined to come up with some new healthy nut-free snack ideas (dressed up as ‘treats) for them and stumbled across this recipe for nut free bliss balls which they love (they disappeared very quickly)

Bliss balls recipes usually have nuts in them (such as cashews and/or almonds), but this recipe has only dates, apricots, coconut, rolled oats, cocoa, and  vanilla essence. Delicious and nutritious – everyone’s happy!


1 cup rolled oats
140g pitted dates
140g dried apricots
2 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp cocoa
1/3 cup dessicated coconut


Whizz together ingredients in a food processor until it becomes sticky and is easy to form into balls. Roll in coconut, and then put into airtight container in fridge.

NOTE: I thought I must have got the recipe wrong when I first attempted it as the mix was pulverised but dry and crumbly – it did however get ‘sticky’ after I continued to pulse it in the food processor. All that was required was a little patience….


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