The lads have been lucky enough to receive lots of beautiful Christmas cards from classmates this year. The inside pages are the greatest delight –  notes of good wishes by Grade 1 children in their finest handwriting.

They adorn our mantlepiece – a visual reminder of the changes this year has brought – a new home, and a new (much larger) school and friends for the boys.

Pondering this the other day I noticed that the majority of the card designs had ‘snowy’ themes – santa in the snow, a snowman, a carol-singers assembled on a snow covered doorstep. It strikes me as kind of odd that here in Australia, where Christmas in celebrated in summer, that we still have so many references to the ‘white’ christmas that the Northern hemisphere is more likely to experience as they are in winter-time.

I wonder why more cards don’t reflect the nature of christmas here – which I think is more likely to involve a a BBQ, pavlova topped with fresh raspberries, perhaps a trip to the beach to cool off, and a glass of chilled white wine, than woollen scarves and night time carol singing.

We’re in day-light savings – it doeasn’t get dark until far past bedtime – way too late for my kids to be out singing. That also goes for Christmas light displays, which seem to be growing in popularity here in Tasmania, and which probably would make more sense for family’s with young children on nights that come early in winter. Here, with long light evenings loading the littlies in the car to see the house displays after 9pm seems like asking for grumpy, tired trouble the next morning to me.

I suppose one could argue, given Santa’s arduous christmas eve travels, across both hemisphere’s of our planet, in good weather and bad, and across winter and summer that we should share images of him in a range of environmental conditions, as well as at home in the North Pole. Maybe its good to have an awareness of global  traditions at this time of year.

And who knows – with our unpredictable Tasmanian weather it’s not inconceivable that one year we may have a cool snap and freakish snowfall at Christmas… and suddenly all those cards on the mantel will seem right and proper.

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