'that's an alstroemeria you know, commonly known as a peruvian lily'.... a vase full to enjoy on my mantle

I’ve been slightly in awe of those people that can wander around a garden and reel off what seems to be their encyclopaedic knowledge of plant names (both latin and the common names of course!). This week a new flower erupted in our garden, and I had THAT moment – when I actually knew what it was, and could be THAT person.

It felt like I had suddenly developed some kind of gardening super-power, and I was not humble about it. I’ve found myself pointing out the plant in question to any available listener and saying way too loudly – ‘that’s an alstroemeria you know, commonly known as a peruvian lily’. No one has seemed half as impressed with this fact as I have been alas.

It does strike me a bit odd that I have been able to retrieve this particular piece of information from the back recesses of my sometimes muddled mind – it would be much more useful to remember where I put the spare key for the car, or where I left the secateurs. Even better – it would be really great to have a clear and concise memory of my bank balance when I’m next moved to make an impulse purchase of something I want, rather than need.

Right now I’m grateful for this rare little moment of personal triumph – but in a few minutes I promise I’ll let go of any lingering smug thoughts and swiftly move on to a search under the sofa cushions for that blimmin’ key.

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