Oh dear - mehopes practice will improve things...

I’ve seen some really cute and funky crochet patterns recently, and thought it would be a great craft to take up and learn over autumn and winter. It looked simple enough, but after three attempts in as many days and nothing to show for it but very dodgy little patches of haphazard woven fabric I’m feeling a bit despondent.

I’m now in complete awe of anyone who has the patience and manual dexterity to do it – I’ll never look at the crocheted goods in the CWA shop in the same way!

A friend started me off (she was so patient!), and then I tapped into the mega-resource that is YouTube and watched some ‘How-to’ videos.

I have some beautifully inspiring books on elaborate crochet projects from the library too – but they’re going to be returned rather quickly after my little reality check, and replaced with something simpler I think.

I had plans of making beanies for the kids for winter – I may still manage it but I’m doubtful that they’ll be ready for winter 2012…

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