Apple green, speckled white, and shades of blue underglazes

A friend and I have spent a few mornings playing with clay and creating pinch pots, which I’ve fired in my little kiln. My attempts are very very amateurish at the moment – wobbly and uneven (but unique!). I’m really hoping I improve with practice…

In theory it’s easy – just roll a ball of clay into a ball (or cylinder for a taller drinking cup), then use your thumbs to ‘pinch’ into the inside of the ball of clay, pushing the clay gently outwards to create a little pot that is the thickness and size you wish for. (See the very short You Tube video below for a Pinch Pot demonstration). Then leave the pot to dry completely before glazing (if you want them glazed). Wait for them to dry again before firing.

The firing schedule I used was 500c over 5 hours, then up to 1100c over then next 5 hours, then allow to cool to room temperature.

Our experiments have been geared towards creating items for our children so far – my friend wanted to make little drinking vessels for her kids as an alternative to plastic drinking cups, and I’ve made a series of small ‘bowls’ which my children are using for their teddies.

I also gifted one to my Mum to collect used tea bags in. She accepted it with the same sort of compliments and good grace as she did when I gave her a precious creation when I was a child – recognising the love embodied in it rather than concerning herself with the quality (or lack of!) of the object. Made me feel so lucky to be her (big) kid!

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