This morning's batch off muffins cooked in an earthenware muffin pan - Peach jam and coconut

Last year I decided to move from non-stick cookware to other cooking alternatives, as many of my non-stickies were ancient and getting scratches on them. I’d read a few things, such  as this article on Greenliving, as well as the book ‘Slow death by toxic duck’ , that suggested that continuing to bake in my old non-stick pans may  not be a great thing for my family’s health as some of the ingredients that have been used in teflon type products may include potential carcinogens. Given I’m a ‘better safe than sorry’ type of girl I thought it was a good time to make the change.

One item I wanted to change quickly was my muffin tin as it’s what I often make snack-time treats for the kids in. It turned out to be quite challenging to find a non-stick replacement that I was happy with. I thought a stainless steel pan might be the way to go, but locally (within Australia) I could only find aluminium based pans and the non-stick varieties.

Whilst I was hunting for a ‘safer’ alternative I became concerned that any alternatives might actually make cooking more laborious and I wanted to avoid that – I am a lazy cook and I hate it when baked food gets ‘stuck’ and you have to mess about scraping it of a pan… I like easy options!

After exploring all the potential products I could find, I finally decided on an earthenware muffin pan ( the promotional blurb promised they were non-porous, even heating, freezer, microwave and oven proof etc) but I couldn’t find any in Australia – so splurged on having one sent from the UK. It was a big investment for me – about $85 I think, of which about $40 was postage. I justified the expense to myself as being one of those once-in-a-lifetime kitchen purchases… I would have felt much more comfortable purchasing from a local supplier though (if I could find one!)

Voila!.... muffins tipped out of their pan - no stickiness. Bliss

Having used it for several months now I am really glad I purchased it – it’s great – it produces magnificent muffins that delight the kids, it’s easy to clean up (just rinse and wipe), and I have the piece of mind that the kids are not consuming any potential toxins leaching from the pan. Best of all there’s no sticking – woo hoo!  – in fact I’m pretty sure I had more get stuck in my non-stick pan!

The manufacturer of my pan  is ‘The pampered chef‘ – they have all sorts of earthenware goodies I’d save up for if I could find them here – cookie sheets and a mini-loaf pan would top my wish list. I’d love it if some entrepreneurial person within Australia could either make similar products, or sell this range (hint, hint!).

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