Some of the local food delights at the party

On the 21st we were joined by about 50 family and friends for a massive party to celebrate our Summer Challenge.

All our guests were invited to bring something Tasmanian to add to the table – we were lucky enough to get home-made preserves, cheese from the Bruny Island Chesse Factory (brought by the cheesemaker himself), cordials, oodles of wine, salads, and a local salmon.

Our major contribution was a spit-roasted pig. The pig weighed in at 60 kilos – too large for the spit-roaster really…. somehow Johan and his mate David managed to keep the machine working, and the pig on the spit (it fell off a few times!) long enough to produce a dinner everyone was happy to rave about…. I’m not a big fan of pork, but even I was impressed…

Dad (Bob Owens) carving up the spit roast

The crackling was amazing – I’d never had it before but I was told it was impressive by those in the know. At the beginning of the day (we started at about 9am!) I scored the skin of the pig with a knife, rubbed it with a Tasmanian Olive Oil, and then rubbed some salt over it… it worked a treat – though I got very nervous during the day as everytime I saw Johan or David they were chomping on a piece of crackling – I was concerned we may not have any left for those coming in the evening! Thankfully we did…
It was a wonderful evening – I felt very grateful to be surrounded by so many of the people in our lives that have been great supporters of what we’re doing on our little farm.
I so appreciated the efforts they made to bring something local, and in many cases home-made – including Chris’ homemade cider which he served with frozen raspberries (lush!), Silja’s beautiful beetroot and walnut salad, Elaines strawberries with balsamic vinegar (a revelation!), Matthew’s silverbeet with garlic and butter, home dug potato salads, and many more which have slipped my memory right now. It really was a feast!

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