I wonder why I always smiled when I went into the garden?

A few summers ago my family undertook a locavore challenge here in Tasmania – focussing on living simply and eating wonderful local food. We grew as much meat, fruit and vegetables as we could, sold our surplus to by local fare, and set a goal of being grid-neutral by reducing our power usage and making the most of solar technologies.

At the time I blogged about the experience. I’m re-posting my musings on this new website as there were so many things  we learnt during that time (of which I need to remind myself!)… and I do like to have a stroll down memory lane every now and again… (the links below lead to each individual post)

The Challenge explained


Muriel the Goat

Power Issues

Buying bulk aka hoarding

Saying Goodbye

No time for work



 Muriel’s Island Mini-break


Simpler times

The Challenge has begun

The colour of things


One month in!

Raspberries and pikelets

Tinkerbell’s tots

Secrets and lies

A spit-roast party at Parami

A final update

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