I Made It For you candle handmade buttonsOne of the many advantages when we moved to our current place of bliss in the suburbs was that the house came with a very large shed… not as impressive as the former apple picking shed that I was lucky enough to be a custodian of when we owned our little farm, but roomy nonetheless. Being fairly modern too it had power & lights – all the mod cons.

Having this asset has allowed me to dabble further into some creative pursuits I’ve been keen on playing with. Ceramics being one of the key crafts I wished to explore – and now I have the room in the shed to house kilns and spread my clay mess around as much as I like. It’s wonderful.

During the last few months the poor garden has been neglected a bit by me as I really immersed myself during most free moments learning more. And I have enjoyed doing that so much!

gifts market tasmania candles buttons and moreI’ve also started going to local handmade craft markets – selling my ceramic candlepots, brooches and earrings. I’ve called my little business ‘I Made It For You’ (www.imadeitforyou.com.au).

I’m really lucky as my lovely friend Silja joins me at the markets. She sells gorgeous soy-candles in vintage tea cups, and each has a wonderful story of being found by either Silja or her mother. They are both keen hunters of beautiful vessels. A day at a market, spent amongst inspiring artists and interesting folk, is so uplifting for me.

Porcelain buttons are my current area of interest – I’ll do another post on that later. I’m planning to build an online shop and start selling these in the new year (February 2017 at the latest) – in the meantime I’m having a lot of fun learning more about how to work with porcelain & achieve the effects I’m after. Buttons should be simple, right?… maybe not….

I’m planning on doing some giveaways so it may be worth watching out on my ‘I Made It For You’ social media sites if you’re keen for some hand-made buttons for a crafty project.

I’m on instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/imadeitforyou_aus/

& Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/imadeitforyouaus

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year,


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