My version of the LCM bar

Today was the first day of school after the summer holidays – I still can’t believe how quickly the last two months have flown by.

I’ve spent my first kid-free day cleaning, de-cluttering, and coming up with ideas for lunch box yummies. LCM bars seem to be popular addition to other kids lunchboxes so I thought I’d have a go at making a homemade healthy-ish version. I found a basic recipe featuring honey, and had half made them before I realised we’d run out of honey…. aghhh!

Melting butter, marshmallows (the original recipe said white one's only but I had some 'chocolate' one's I threw in too) and maple syrup

So I ended up using maple syrup and a little golden syrup instead and adding a few extras like sunflower seeds and choc chips…. the end result is quite delicious. If I’d left out the choc chips and sunflowers they’d have looked like the white LCM bars I guess.

I’ve cut them into approx. 3cm squares to add a little sweet treat for morning tea.

This is (roughly) what went into them and how I made them:

4 cups of Rice Bubbles

two small handfuls sunflower seeds

two small handfuls small choc chips

100 grams butter

1/2 cup marshmallows

1/4 cup maple syrup (this included a teaspoon of golden syrup to make up the 1/4 cup)

Place rice bubbles, sunflower seeds, and choc chips  in large mixing bowl. Melt the butter, marshmallows and maple syrup together in small saucepan. then add to the rice bubble mix.

Mix well, and then place in a lamington tray which has been lightly greased and lined with baking paper. Flatten with a spatula, then place in fridge to set. Cut into squares.


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