Our new dinner candle- it's calming (after the fight over who lights it that is...)

Recently I have been playing with making ceramic pinch pots as I posted earlier. Now a friend has introduced me to making candles, and the little pots I’ve made seem to me to be perfect receptacles for cute tea light sized candles, and a fun way to make gifts for others.

To get started I bought a 1.2 kilo block of pure beeswax from Lyrebird (they stock all sorts of Steiner products) as well as some wick and candle anchors – it cost about $25 in total.

Then it was a case of simply melting the wax. Except it wasn’t completely simple as the block was impossible to break or cut into smaller pieces so a pot had to be found to melt the whole lot (which could then be cooled and stored into smaller pieces if required). That pot was then placed over a larger pot filled with hot water and heated on the stovetop.

The wick was anchored and secured to the bottom of the pot with a small amount of melted wax, before a ladleful of wax was poured in to an appropriate level.

I like the idea that I can recycle the pots as they burn out and refill them with a new wick and wax.

As the evenings have been getting darker around dinner time the lads and I have enjoyed lighting them to place in the centre of the table. A little candle glowing on a wintry night somehow creates a warmth that serves to connects us to the meal we are sharing and really enjoying the company of each other – or at least that is how it seems to me…

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