A few of the fresh peaches that are the core ingredient in our homemade cordial

At Christmas we bought a ‘Soda Stream’  as our family present. We don’t drink soft drinks very often but I thought it could be fun to experiment with making our own fruit cordials to add to ‘bubbly water’ for a treat.

So far we’ve really enjoyed using it for plain soda water, but now that our first batch of fruit cordial has been made (and declared a success!) I think my lads will be hoping for a wider choice of flavours.

What led to my trying to create a peach cordial was the arrival of 10kgs of fresh local peaches. I’ve been busy preserving them over the last few days. About half were bottled for a tasty fruit treat in the winter months. The other half I stewed, and then put in the freezer, to be used for peach crumble and other deserts.

Before separating the stewed peaches into freezer containers I removed 2 cups of the liquid peach juice in the pan to include in the cordial. I placed the peach juice along with the ingredients below into a saucepan and heated until the sugar was dissolved and looked like it was just about to boil, then set it aside to cool, before decanting into a glass bottle.


2 cups of peach juice

1 cup of water

2 cups organic raw sugar

1 tsp citric acid

The kids love their home made cordial - it disappears very quickly!

We’ve discovered we only need to add a little of the cordial to our bubbly soda water – it is very sweet, but has a deliciously fresh peachy taste. Yum!

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