I’ve just started a little online business here at www.gratitudejournals.com.au – my goal is to stock a range of high-quality, beautiful, and often unique, journals so that you can record your moments of bliss, remember the times that made you smile, and to help you to observe the extraordinary amongst the every day.

'You can Fly' Journal - one of the beautiul journals I've ordered and should be available soon.

‘You can Fly’ Journal – one of the beautiul journals I’ve ordered and should be available soon.

My first experiences with writing in a gratitude journal was after my rather blah marriage breakdown. I was struggling, feeling overwhelmed, and generally lack-lustre about the challenges I was facing in my life. I wasn’t sleeping well – mulling over my worries was upsetting my ability to rest and recover for each new day.

I can’t remember why I decided to start writing down the glimpses of good I saw each day – but at some point I made a commitment to myself that every night before bed I’d write down 5 things that I was grateful for.

Looking back that was a turning point for me – a powerful and conscious decision to make the effort to find moments in each day that gave me joy.  For me it  was a significant commitment – making sure that every night I wrote something – but it was achievable (well more achievable than saying I’d give up the chocolate and other naughty comfort foods that I was over-indulging in with gusto)

At first my Gratitude Journal entries were pretty uninspired. I wish I still had it so I could take photos, but from memory it would have been something like this:

Today I’m grateful for:

1. My health
2. My kids are healthy
3. That I’ve still got the house we live in
4. The car is still going
5. That I was able to spend time with the kids

With time though the entries started to evolve as I started searching each day for the moments I would write about before bed each night – it was getting boring writing the same things and the creative side of me wanted to be more expressive. I began taking notice of little ‘bliss’ moments – moments I felt content – moments I’d love to remember forever – and started trying to make sure I remembered them until my bedtime ritual.

As I did this more I noticed how much my sleeping had improved – I’m sure that going to bed relaxed after recalling the positive things in the last 24 hours made a huge difference with that.

Over time I’ve had gratitude journals on and off – usually in the tough times it’s one of the first things I do to try and get some balance and perspective in my life as I know how easy it is to dwell on the tough stuff, and in the process let the joyous moments slip by…. and life is way too short in my opinion to miss out on those!!!

If you’re interested in purchasing a journal for yourself, or as a gift for someone else (I’ll gift-wrap upon request!) please feel free to drop by at Gratitude Journals

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