Pigs are intelligent, challenging and fascinating creatures. They also taste great. Written by long-time vegetarian turned pig-farmer Jen Owens (that’s me!), this book will guide you in feeding and housing your pigs in a caring and cost-effective way, in an environment that supports your pigs’ natural instincts. With a Foreword by ‘Gourmet Farmer’ Matthew Evans

ISBN 9781864471175, Sewn PB, full-colour, 144 pp, Hyland House Publishing



From Grassroots Magazine No. 208, Dec/Jan 2011/12:

Pigs are definitely flavour of the month and with Jen Owens’ informative advice even the most inexperienced small farmer can make a success of raising their own. Keeping Your Own Free Range Pigs is a delightful read, a mix of serious porcine advice and the life lived leisurely the Grass Roots way. Readers will recall Jen Owens writing in GR 196 about her conservation venture with pigs and the photos in this book attest to the values of sustainability and simple living, and putting food on your table.

 Newcastle Herald Article by Stephen Williams, 28th Nov 2011

New Weekly review – 28th March 2012

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