Snap 2016-02-15 at 10.05.07‘We’re all going on a summer holiday’…. well actually, no, it’ll be more of autumn and winter holiday but you get the idea…

So we’ll be temporarily closing down the online store whilst on our adventures (probably til mid June 2016 – depends on whether we get lost or not…).

We’re heading to the big island to see some of our amazing country – 3 generations piled into a 30 plus year old pop-top camper trailer – I think it could be a magical memory-making experience, or one of those stories we tell when we’re older in which everyone debates who it was that actually thought that would be a good idea to do…

Please note: any potential house burglars need not bother as we have the attack guinea pigs on the lawn and a fierce house-sitter who is not to be messed with….

Wishing everyone well,

Jen & co.

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