Bedraggled chooks in my laundry basket by the fire - fingers crossed they will make it (although I'm not overly optimistic...)

I had been enjoying the incessant rain – the sound on the roof, an excuse to have an indoorsy day, and the garden eye-popping green. I waited until 10.30 to feed the chooks as it was the first time it seemed to be easing off, and I’ve had an awful surprise in the ‘teenagers run’.

It seems their pen door somehow became shut and they’ve been locked out in the rain- most are fine but one has died and a few others look so sodden and miserable that I’m concerned they’ll die too. I’m kicking myself for not having gone out earlier to check on them….

I’ve brought the two feeblest looking into the house in the hope that a few hours by the wood fire might revive them – the rest of them look like they need to be towelled off or dried with a hair drier – I’m not going to resort to that yet, but will keep an eye on them during the day to make sure they dry off naturally. I don’t want them having to get through a cold night so damp.

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