Dressed chooks hung with bailing twine on the clothes line – someone reckoned it looked like a rather grim modern art installation

That day in the year when I shift my focus from raising my chickens to converting them to our year’s supply of meat came last weekend. In all 18 birds were killed using the killing cone method, then dressed, and popped in the freezer.

This year was unusual in that I had a group of 14 people working with me to dispatch them, as part of a workshop for the Channel Living group. I can’t thank them all enough for their participation, and ensuring the whole thing went smoothly.

We started at 9am, and despite little or no previous experience they managed to work together to have them done in less than 3 hours – not bad for a first go at all.

Many hands make light work!!! Thanks to Ilse for the photo

I came away feeling I’d learnt a lot – so hopefully everyone else did too!


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