Our lovely green apples with a blush of pink

The little apple tree I can see from my kitchen window is brim-full of apples. They’re some sort of cooking variety – tart, yet sweet and juicy. The kids have been picking them from the tree as they ripen, and I’ve been grating them into porridge in the mornings. In the last few days I’ve noticed a group of parrots visiting the tree to feast so I thought it best to start harvesting them before they disappear down their bellies.

I’m on to my second batch of dehydrated apples – and they’re so simple to make if you’ve got a dehydrator and the minimal amount of patience required to prepare them.

Preparing apples for dehydrating

I simply picked the apples, washed them, and then peeled, cored and sliced them using my counter top peeler. As each apple was done I put the apple pieces into a two litre jug which contained 1/4 cup lemon juice and water. When I had enough to fill the dehydrator (mine’s a fowlers vacola one like this one here) I placed them evenly across the trays, put the lid on, set the temperature to 58 degrees Celsius, and left it to do its thing.

I’ve waited until they very dry before moving them out – I estimate they have dried for about 10 hours total. My dehydrator makes a humming noise like a fan, and  I’m a bit sensitive to that type of sound, so I switched it off overnight, meaning the machine went in on in two sessions. The first in the afternoon/evening, and then on again in the morning.

The finished product - homemade dried apples for snacks and lunchbox treats

The kids love them – one said something like ‘Gee Mum, they’re as good as the shop bought one’s’. I’m not sure that’s the greatest culinary compliment I’ve been given but I’m sure the intent behind it was as sweet as the dried apples are.

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