Plan A - Not particularly pretty but it should stop predators

I’ve been strategising and have implemented ‘Plan A’ in our frontline defence against potential chook predators from above. I’m not keen to share this years chicks and young birds with the hawks and kurrawongs.  I’ve seen them nearby, checking out the young birds on a nearby dam so I know they’re out and about, and hunting.

It is possible that I may have gone a bit overboard to make sure they are clear that no attacks will be tolerated, but I think that it’s better to have made suitable precautions in the first place than having to deal with a potentially ongoing problem if you’ve been slack. Hawks will return when they know they’ve found a soft target.

My wonderful mother did most of the work, due to me being out of sorts still with whooping cough, stapling netting to existing wooden fencing, then c-clipping it to the 1 inch aviary wire that fences the parallel side. We used a 4m x 10m piece of netting which wasn’t quite long enough, so we attached another piece to one end and used some wire and c-clipping to attach. To allow for easy human access at the gate we recycled a piece of poly-pipe to form an arch which the netting was then attached to.

I’m hoping the white colour of the netting proves a deterrent, obscuring the view into the pen. And I’m hoping that our over zealous, constantly yapping dog who is  kept in the yard near the chook pen will freak out even the most motivated hunter. We’ll see…..

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