This egg has a clear air sack visible and dark mass in rest of the egg, Day 18

Last night I candled the eggs currently warming in my incubator. I thought I’d include some pictures to show the difference between a fertile egg at Day 18 and non-fertile egg.

It turned out to be quite tricky to get a decent photo – I must figure out a better way to capture an image as I found holding both the egg and the camera very still required a bit too much physical coordination for me!

Candled empty infertile egg

Out of the 24 eggs in the incubator 5 appear infertile- and most of those that were empty were eggs from my barnevelder hen. Her eggs are noticeable for their dark brown colouring. All the Araucana eggs I purchased and had posted to me from the mainland appear to have masses in them so my fingers will be crossed that they hatch well.

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