Squishy thin egged barnevelder egg - freaky looking, isn't it?

squishy thin egged barnevelder egg - freaky looking, isn't it?

In the last month my Barnevelder hen has started laying some very bizarre eggs. They’re paper-thin, squishy things – I’m quite amazed they don’t disintegrate as she lays them. I can tell they are hers as she the only hen amongst our motley crew of layers that lays a darker egg.

I automatically assumed it was some kind of calcium deficiency, and have made sure there is a plentiful supply of shell grit available – but it seems very odd to me that she is the only bird with this issue. All the other eggs from the other chooks are strong shelled and fine.

Changes that have occured in the last few months include the big move from Bruny Island, and I have changed their feed from a seed and grain based all purpose laying mix, to a mix of wheat, bread and other assorted scraps – but again, if either the changes in environment and diet were the issues I’d have thought all the hens would be effected. She’s between 3 and 4 years old, so I’m doubtful it’s to do with age.

I had a bit of a search of the www  here and was (sort of) relieved to find I wasn’t the only person scratching their head wondering what the heck was going on. I guess I’ll just have to add as much calcium to her diet as possible and see what happens over the coming weeks.

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