Annual Bill Planner - An excel spreadsheet (Link is in the body of this post)

I was recently offered the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops offered by The Smith Family as part of their ‘Saver Plus’ program. Saver Plus, in a nutshell, is a program that offers to match $500 of savings over 10 months with another $500 – in exchange you have to attend three 3 hour financial management skills workshops, make sure you put $50 into a savings account each month, and spend the matched funds on educational tools or activities for your kids (eg laptops, extra-curricular activities, uniforms etc).

I was a bit skeptical about attending the workshops but found it useful (and fun!) to be part of a group of people happy to brainstorm ideas on making the most of the income they had, and how to reduce expenditure.

One of the most useful ‘tools’ I went away with was one provided by our facilitator – an Annual Bill Planner spreadsheet (excel) . It’s super easy to fill out (I only need to change a few category titles) and it simply adds annual costs and provides you with a fortnightly figure. In theory if you put that amount of money aside it will reduce the chances of being caught short by the larger bills that creep up on you – I’m now putting my fortnightly bill amount (approximately $325) into a separate account to draw from only when bills listed on my spreadsheet are due.

I  pay my power and telephone bills in advance on a fortnightly basis by direct deposit already, but it will be useful for bills like car registration, insurances and rates.

The facilitator kindly said I could put it up here on my site for anyone to access – so I hope it’s as useful to you as it has been to me.

The next thing on my financial well-being list is to save up a ‘Buffer Fund’ to make sure I have some cash set aside for unexpected events – for example in the last week I’ve had my septic tank need $800 in repairs, and my car died requiring another $400 plus dollars – aaaghhhh!!! A healthier sized buffer would be nice during such testing times…

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