Here’s a list of words you may come across (and wonder what the heck their meaning could be!) when you’re discussing or reading about pigs :

Barrow – a castrated male (procedure performed at a young age)

Boar – a male pig which would be used for breeding

Gilt – a young female pig who has not yet had piglets

Sow – a female pig that has had piglets

Slips – are young pigs (either gender), usually purchased at 6-8weeks of age, for the purpose of raising for meat or breeding

In pig– means a sow is pregnant, for an  example of use  ‘ That sow is in pig and due to farrow next week…’)

Farrowing – the birthing of a litter of piglets by a sow

Boar Taint – strong smell or taste in meat produced from sexually mature male pig.

Porker –  a pig weighing between 25 to 60kilos and would be typically be used for producing fresh tender pork, spit roasts, etc.

Baconer – a pig weighing between 60 to 90 kilos and would be used for fresh pork products, as well as being preserved in the form of bacons, hams and prosciuttos

Backfatter – a pig weighing over 90 kilos and would tend to be used for preserved pork products such as salamis, bacons etc.



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