Our lovely friend Ian, who built our turkey pen last November, dropped by the other day with the finishing touch for his masterpiece. He has created a rather fancy wooden sign and attached it to the door. He’s engraved into to it the word ‘Ankara’.

Why Ankara? Well, that’s the capital of Turkey! Get it?

We’ve had a ‘chook palace’, and at the moment we refer to one pen as the ‘Teenagers Run’ (neither of which are particularly original or inspiring names) . It got me wondering whether other people name their animal pens. I did a quick web search and here’s some that ticked my fancy:

  • The Hen Hilton
  • Fort Clux
  • Pecker Place
  • Hen Den
  • The Chick Inn
  • Pullet Place
  • Chez Poulette
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Hen Haven
  • Chook Taj Mahal
  • Cluckinham Palace (my favourite!)

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