The agapantha's are flowering

I wish I knew the names of the roses - for now this is the 'apricot' rose

A wander through my cottage garden yesterday had me all smiles – the first day of this new year and at least 1/2 dozen new plants starting to flower. All were unexpected as I’m new to this place, and so each bloom is a gorgeous surprise.

The rose I planted - a stunning iceberg

Stunning red dahlia - it's like a round ball of flowery perfection

I’ve not done much to this part of the garden, other than basic maintenance, as I want to learn from it over the course of this year before making any changes or additions. Having said that I did plant my first rose (ever!) in a patch I’d cleared a huge clump of weeds from – and yesterday it had it’s first perfect white rose on it. I don’t know why I feel so ridiculously proud of this plant – maybe because keeping roses is something I associate with a much higher standard of gardening than I possess, maybe it’s because it’s something I planted for no other reason than because it would be a thing of beauty that I’d enjoy, and maybe it’s because I feel I have now made a contribution to this beautiful space.

I am so thankful to whoever designed this garden and planted it out – it seems they created it in a way which ensures there’s always some splash of colour, and something visually exciting going on. Every sense is potentially awakened when you’re in it – there are herbs for the kids to pick and munch, the soft fuzzy leaves of the lambs ear to stroke, the scent of the roses, the sounds of the masses of birds it attracts (yesterday there seemed to be a choir of kookaburras behind the garden in the bush block), and just so much to see.

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