Keeping Your Own Free Range Pigs

Hi, I’m Jen Owens, author of ‘Keeping your own free-range pigs – a beginners guide to raising porkers, baconers and backfatters ’.

My current roles include being Mum of three great kids, caregiver of a motley crew of 2 and 4 legged creatures, as well as occasional green thumb in a vegetable garden prone to explosive uncontrolled growth events. They are by far the most satisfying ‘jobs’ I’ve ever had.

This original concept behind this site was that it was to be a place to come and order my book directly from me- but since getting engrossed in the process of creating it I’ve decided to add photo albums and a blog to record and share the events of the seasons, as well as use it as a marketplace for produce from our suburban home farm.

If you’ve found your way to it – I hope you enjoy your visit!




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